Dear customers,

we are very proud to announce a new distributor in the USA - Aloft Hobbies Company!
Be sure to check their offer soon because most of our products will be there.


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NEW Hybrid Carbon/Kevlar Pod #121



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Every second of your flight matters!

Since weight is one of the important factors that affects a model's flight performance, we have decided to offer a carbon version of our pods!
These pods are made of fine Aero 1K carbon and they are much lighter than the regular gelcoat version.
We can make a carbon version of any pod from our offer, from lightweight to extremely strong carbon pods.




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Dear customers,

it is our great pleasure to present you our new distributor in Australia - Greg Potter's Glider Gear!
If you have any questions concerning the order, etc., please feel free to contact him.

Contact information:

Greg Potter's Glider Gear
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Dear customers, we would like to inform you that CLM Pro has an official Facebook page. Be sure to like us there, because that way you can follow our process of manufacturing, and, most importantly, find out news and discounts instantly.



*Soon in our shop - Element 2



New upcoming models

CLM-Pro-element-1.5-coming-soon CLM-Pro-element-1.8-coming-soon CLM-Pro-element-2-coming-soon